WANTED: Coaches Craving Knowledge!

I’ve been there! The season is approaching, and you have ran the same drills and used the same motivational techniques for years now.  However, you settle for if it is not broke then why fix it, right?
I have also been at the place of being nervous to run the first team meeting of the year, and really feeling I have no idea what offensive concepts to implement, let alone HOW to implement those concepts and TEACH them.
No matter which extreme is possibly your current reality, it is the exact reason we never miss one year of hosting our coaches clinic. As coaches, we all have a responsibility to share our experiences with other basketball coaching scholars in order to help them grow and in turn, IMPACT & INFLUENCE more young people. I have said it at least 1000 times….. there are no secrets with this game and as coaches we need to SHARE MORE….SHARE MORE INFO…. AND SHARE MORE OFTEN!
My hope is that everyone takes away at least one important nugget  from our clinic this Saturday.  Selfishly,  I know I always look forward to any clinic  because I will have a notebook and pen waiting for that one crucial take-away I will utilize this season.
Hey coach, I’m talking to you! Put your sweatsuit on, grab your coaching staff, grab your notebook….lets SHARE and GROW the game that we love!
The return on this investment will be ENDLESS.
Game On!


What’s Your Edge?

DICTIONARY.COM defines the word edge as on a brink or verge. I really liked that until the next line said on the edge of a DISASTER! Disaster? I thought EDGE gives you an advantage, a leg up? So, I immediately go into study mode. The more I read, the more I ask, and the more I process real life scenarios. Then, the more I understand that your EDGE could truly depend on your margin for error.

Think of it like this, I have an edge over the competition in the market place because of my accelerated advanced degree. Maybe someone has an edge because they can shoot the ball at a high percentage, plus they are 6’2. What amazing EDGE all of that would be, but it would also give you a greater margin for error or an ability to recover after failing! So, I would argue that the true edge is having the ability to judge your accurate MARGIN FOR ERROR and BOUNCE back ability. My first year as a college coach, I learned about the phrase “an over exaggerated sense of self importance.” I am thankful I learned that quickly. Then I learned to look at myself and see what I had to improve upon. After you get real real honest with yourself you of course end up failing and screwing it up! That’s when I learned what real EDGE is…the ability to DO IT AGAIN THE NEXT DAY.

Now, lets show our true EDGE – show back up and compete again tomorrow.

JDNUNITEDWAY2 Heather Macy, ECU Women's Head Basketball Coach, speaks to attendees during the launch of the 2016-2017 United Way campaign in Onslow County during a luncheon held at the Jacksonville Conference Center Tuessday afternoon September 13, 2016. Photo by John Althouse / The Daily News