The 30 Minute CHOICE

What would you CHOOSE to do with an “extra” or “unexpected” 30 minutes of time? Does it matter WHEN this time occurs or becomes available? Would early morning, mid-morning, or late night make a difference? Does it matter how you feel at the time…happy, sad, moody, mad? Does the fact that the task would actually take 40 minutes instead of 30 to complete the objective prevent you from starting? Would the excuse that by the time you got started it would be time for another event already on your calendar? I hear that voice in my head…Just check social media while you wait on practice to start or while you wait to board the next flight. I know I face this choice multiple times per day. However, I also know that in order to value the precious gift of time we have been given we MUST efficiently maximize it. WHY maximize the 30 minutes? I guess it may just depend on what your objective may be each day, week, month, or year. If your objective is to build a quality relationship, connect with family, or simply recharge while being an asset within your company or organization then I say, “MAXIMIZE your choice with ALL you’ve got.” The way I see it…30 minutes of reading….30 minutes of studying your craft….30 minutes of planning…30 minutes of organizing just allows you to be better for the person that stands by your right and left side. So, in those moments of wasted space between your next “have to” be sure to see it as an opportunity to be better….not better for just yourself, but better for the people in your life that depend on you to be great. It is YOUR 30 minute choice, but I promise at the end of your daily schedule you will not wish you had scrolled on social media more!


SNAPSHOT: Did the 30 minutes of just getting a new book or two started complete the book? Absolutely not! However, the chapter I read tomorrow and the next day and the next day with a consistent and focused mindset sure will get the job done. Actually, I do enjoy reading 3 and 4 books at a time this exact way. Try it!