What’s Your Edge?

DICTIONARY.COM defines the word edge as on a brink or verge. I really liked that until the next line said on the edge of a DISASTER! Disaster? I thought EDGE gives you an advantage, a leg up? So, I immediately go into study mode. The more I read, the more I ask, and the more I process real life scenarios. Then, the more I understand that your EDGE could truly depend on your margin for error.

Think of it like this, I have an edge over the competition in the market place because of my accelerated advanced degree. Maybe someone has an edge because they can shoot the ball at a high percentage, plus they are 6’2. What amazing EDGE all of that would be, but it would also give you a greater margin for error or an ability to recover after failing! So, I would argue that the true edge is having the ability to judge your accurate MARGIN FOR ERROR and BOUNCE back ability. My first year as a college coach, I learned about the phrase “an over exaggerated sense of self importance.” I am thankful I learned that quickly. Then I learned to look at myself and see what I had to improve upon. After you get real real honest with yourself you of course end up failing and screwing it up! That’s when I learned what real EDGE is…the ability to DO IT AGAIN THE NEXT DAY.

Now, lets show our true EDGE – show back up and compete again tomorrow.

JDNUNITEDWAY2 Heather Macy, ECU Women's Head Basketball Coach, speaks to attendees during the launch of the 2016-2017 United Way campaign in Onslow County during a luncheon held at the Jacksonville Conference Center Tuessday afternoon September 13, 2016. Photo by John Althouse / The Daily News



Can you feel it? Can you see it? Can you sense it? Its the start of a new school year. The school supply section is more crowded than normal, seems like everyone is fitting in one last vacation, and the teachers are there weeks early organizing their classrooms! The great thing about the start of a new school year is that it feels like a new start and sometimes a fresh start. Its actually one of the best parts of having a career in education. A bad year does not have to turn into a bad five years. So many of my friends discuss being in a rut and when discussing the duration of time I am shocked. Did you just say for YEARS? That’s not a rut, that’s a grave to me! You see for educators we are so fortunate because no two days are the same and no two years are ever the same. It poses great challenges, but also great excitement. So, as we prepare for another school year lets be better than the year before! Actually, lets be better than the day before. Lets make this year the BEST ONE EVER! Why? Because all that is not given is lost and we are prepared …FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS.


Impact & Influence

We are ONE week away from one of the most important weeks of the year! It is the week we get to give back to a game that has given us all so much. We get to teach kids the game we have loved since we were a very young age. We get to go way beyond the basics. We get to get kids fired up over a game they may have never played. We get to introduce young kids to tools that will help them elevate their skills to new heights. We will be awarded countless opportunities to build self-confidence, and we will get to remind ourselves WHY we became coaches in the first place. Next week many nervous campers and parents will arrive at Minges Coliseum unaware of “what’s next” while a passionate and energetic camp staff will await with one objective: TO IMPACT & INFLUENCE.

Watching our current players teach the game and share their skill sets with young campers is a always a pleasure. This mentoring may be the best thing they will do all summer to improve their own game. It could serve as a powerful teaching and learning tool.  Summer basketball is the exact place where I learned to teach and coach. It is where most coaches refine their ability to teach the game as well as learn new technology in an effort to better themselves.  This is the week we all LEARN, GROW, and THANK the game that has given us so very much. It is the best game in the world! Let’s go have some fun!!


Consistency is Key! Just KEEP Showing Up!

We have a program belief that consistency is the truest measure of performance. Anyone can be great for ONE day, ONE week, or even ONE year. True success lies in the ability to get up each and everyday and repeat the behavior. This is the reason weight loss programs succeed or fail. This is the reason grades run across a full semester. It is a way to teach and test the ability to stick to “it”. As we say in our program….Just KEEP showing up everyday! Personally, I have experienced the greatest production when I have demonstrated the most consistency in my activity.  I believe the key to success in business, sports, and relationships is CONSISTENCY! Try it! Do you want a job? Go tell that person or company, “One day I am going to work here.” Go tell them each and everyday.

If you want something bad enough, you will be consistent.consistency 2