Celebrate the Small Victories….Go Get Ice Cream!

We all wake up each day with a TO-DO list for the urgent items in our lives.  We have lists for personal and professional goals of the day.  Actually, I even have a to-do list for everyone around me! We get so caught up in DOING that we can lose sight of BEING.  “Being” can relate to being … in the moment… being focused on the long term goal… being true to our values … being aware that… IT’S TIME TO GO GET ICE CREAM. We have got to celebrate the small victories of each day and week.  Forgetting to celebrate allows small setbacks to put you WAY back. In particular,  I learned through losing how to celebrate winning.  I have also learned how to organize an effective to-do list.

I am thankful to have received really good advice about goal setting and managing a day.  It is so important to set short term, long term, and intermediate goals.  As a matter of fact, I have actually developed a handy Pocket Production Planner (“The P-3”) that reminds me what the goals are daily and weekly. It also helps me with any realignment that may be needed along the way.  What I have learned during this process is that the goals must align mostly with your to-do list.  When you can see that your to-do list matches your long term accomplishment list then you know you are closer to straighten the sting of your life.  Please remember that when you accomplish the TO-DO item that results in reaching your major goal, GO GET ICE CREAM!
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January 04 2015: The East Carolina Pirates in a women's basketball game against the Memphis Tigers, at Roane Field House in Memphis, Tennessee.

So You Want To Be A College Coach?

My first question is always, why? Is it because you get to travel to cool cities, pick the players you coach, make some cash, or focus on hoops all day? If you answered yes to any of these questions, walk away now before you ever email out a resume. To stick in college coaching your WHY must be about your drive and passion to help people, and to build and grow something bigger than yourself. College coaching is not for everyone. Trust me.  I have seen it up close and personal. It looks good, like most things on the outside, but once you jump in your character and competitive index will be tested right away. Be prepared for the cold water!

Nov 26, 2015; Austin, TX, USA; Texas Longhorns running back Chris Warren III (25) reacts against the Texas Tech Red Raiders during the second half at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium. Texas Tech beat Texas 48-45. Mandatory Credit: Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

So you want to be a college coach? I do not blame you. I LOVE it. No two days are ever the same, every day presents new challenges, and you can experience personal and professional growth at a high level.

My advice would be-GET YOUR MIND RIGHT and JUMP!


My biggest coaching mistake.

Several years ago I made my greatest coaching mistake. It was not an ill-advised timeout, or a bad practice plan. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t nearly as obvious as one of those. I simply attempted to redefine the term hard work. I had been criticized and negatively judged for “working hard” and demanding everyone else associated with the program did the same. I started calling it “good work” then it evolved to “different work”. A simple and quick change in wording, quickly changed the people I was able to recruit. You see, different work changed the mindset. Different did not necessarily mean REALLY hard, right? So more players, coaches, and support staff wanted to jump on board versus run from what it takes to truly experience ultimate success. I’ve learned the greatest lesson in life…… you cannot acquire anything worth having without one unchanging thing, HARD WORK. This will never be altered, adjusted, or changed. I am quick and unapologetic to say we will, we are, and we will continue to work hard. Those that do not run from it and choose to embrace it will become successful at anything they touch.

My biggest thank you must go to the greatest advantage for success-THANK YOU HARD WORK!