We are ONE week away from one of the most important weeks of the year! It is the week we get to give back to a game that has given us all so much. We get to teach kids the game we have loved since we were a very young age. We get to go way beyond the basics. We get to get kids fired up over a game they may have never played. We get to introduce young kids to tools that will help them elevate their skills to new heights. We will be awarded countless opportunities to build self-confidence, and we will get to remind ourselves WHY we became coaches in the first place. Next week many nervous campers and parents will arrive at Minges Coliseum unaware of “what’s next” while a passionate and energetic camp staff will await with one objective: TO IMPACT & INFLUENCE.

Watching our current players teach the game and share their skill sets with young campers is a always a pleasure. This mentoring may be the best thing they will do all summer to improve their own game. It could serve as a powerful teaching and learning tool.  Summer basketball is the exact place where I learned to teach and coach. It is where most coaches refine their ability to teach the game as well as learn new technology in an effort to better themselves.  This is the week we all LEARN, GROW, and THANK the game that has given us so very much. It is the best game in the world! Let’s go have some fun!!