Several years ago I made my greatest coaching mistake. It was not an ill-advised timeout, or a bad practice plan. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t nearly as obvious as one of those. I simply attempted to redefine the term hard work. I had been criticized and negatively judged for “working hard” and demanding everyone else associated with the program did the same. I started calling it “good work” then it evolved to “different work”. A simple and quick change in wording, quickly changed the people I was able to recruit. You see, different work changed the mindset. Different did not necessarily mean REALLY hard, right? So more players, coaches, and support staff wanted to jump on board versus run from what it takes to truly experience ultimate success. I’ve learned the greatest lesson in life…… you cannot acquire anything worth having without one unchanging thing, HARD WORK. This will never be altered, adjusted, or changed. I am quick and unapologetic to say we will, we are, and we will continue to work hard. Those that do not run from it and choose to embrace it will become successful at anything they touch.

My biggest thank you must go to the greatest advantage for success-THANK YOU HARD WORK!