The weather is getting cooler.  Did you grab your hoodie?  I can feel it, hoops season is here.  The month of October is one of my favorites, why?

Well, mostly because we get to coach and I mean really coach.  This is the month that we coach each player withoutmanaging the external pressures of playing time and social media applause.  We get to coach them to be the best against the greatest competition in life, themselves!  We teach, we demand, we encourage…all with only one goal in mind, can we help these players reach their fullest potential.

Not potential based upon anyone else opinion or stat, but what we know as coaches as maximizing their truest potential.  And coaches, we know it.. the magic happens with players arrive each day craving improvement, knowledge and ready to work.

Based upon this realization, my goal throughout this season is….coach everyday like its October!  Will you?