DICTIONARY.COM defines the word edge as on a brink or verge. I really liked that until the next line said on the edge of a DISASTER! Disaster? I thought EDGE gives you an advantage, a leg up? So, I immediately go into study mode. The more I read, the more I ask, and the more I process real life scenarios. Then, the more I understand that your EDGE could truly depend on your margin for error.

Think of it like this, I have an edge over the competition in the market place because of my accelerated advanced degree. Maybe someone has an edge because they can shoot the ball at a high percentage, plus they are 6’2. What amazing EDGE all of that would be, but it would also give you a greater margin for error or an ability to recover after failing! So, I would argue that the true edge is having the ability to judge your accurate MARGIN FOR ERROR and BOUNCE back ability. My first year as a college coach, I learned about the phrase “an over exaggerated sense of self importance.” I am thankful I learned that quickly. Then I learned to look at myself and see what I had to improve upon. After you get real real honest with yourself you of course end up failing and screwing it up! That’s when I learned what real EDGE is…the ability to DO IT AGAIN THE NEXT DAY.

Now, lets show our true EDGE – show back up and compete again tomorrow.

JDNUNITEDWAY2 Heather Macy, ECU Women's Head Basketball Coach, speaks to attendees during the launch of the 2016-2017 United Way campaign in Onslow County during a luncheon held at the Jacksonville Conference Center Tuessday afternoon September 13, 2016. Photo by John Althouse / The Daily News